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CoBrite - PX Laser source Slide-in card for PXI systems

This card plugs into any industry standard PXI or CompactPCI based mainframe and hosts 1 or 2 CoBrite laser sources and allows building integrated multiple application platforms by combining our card with switches, attenuators etc in an open platform. Key benefits are:

  • Compact; 1 or 2 laser per card in a single slot card

  • Local On/Off switch at each laser port

  • user changeable optical adapters to flexibly switch depending on your conectivity needs

  • Polarization Maintaining Fiber output

  • Three laser variants availabe

For more details on addvantages of a PXI based test and measurement implementation see "What is PXI?"

Data sheet for CoBrite - PX series


Please inquire with us for details

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