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Introducing our updated CoBrite Laser chassis series

We are proud to present two new chassis types for our popular CoBrite series which provide an new level of user friendliness in usability. Both chassis provide a software installation free access via any browser based device. The CoBriteDX addtionally features an intuitive Touch Panel display for local access of the unit.

  • Remote Control with any device via browser - based GUI, no Software installation required

  • 4 Laser variants available - Mix different Laser Types in one chassis. Laser line width down to less than 25 kHz and a variety of laser types and custom configurations covering 1525nm to 1610nm


  • Supports 1 - 4 Laser Ports

  • Intuitive large-scale Touch Panel control



  • Supports 1 or 2 Laser Ports

  • Ultra compact and cost efficient

CoBriteDX2 500

ID Photonics is a manufacturer of test and measurement instruments that pioneers coherent transmission solutions for next generation transmission technologies. Our portfolio includes the CoBrite tunable laser platform, a high resolution Optical Spectrumanalyzer and IQ Reference Transmitters with bandwidths exceeding 40GHz.