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CoBrite MX - The modular Tunable Laser Platform with the widest choice of Tunable Laser Modules in the Industry

The CoBriteMX series is a 19” mainframe based system which utilizes slide-in cards housing 4 CoBrite lasers each to flexibly adjust to any channel count required.

Seamless scalability from 4 Lasers up to 104 Lasers is provided within a single platform meeting any demand from low channel count testing requirements up to full DWDM channel grid emulation applications by different Mainframe types.

4 mainframe choices are available to match your specific needs and allow a seamless upgrade path for flexible operation. Any number of CoBriteMX cards can be operated in a mainframe allowing flexible configurations. Mainframes conviently connect either via USB Port or Ethernet to control the instrument via any Windows PC or for Remote operation. A central controller card allows independant operation of each mainframe.

NEW: Our latest generation chassis controller includes a WebServer that provides an installation free, browser based GUI

Discover the variety of supported Tunable Laser variants

Key features

  • 19” rack mountable chassis platform, 3 rack units high
  • Swappable cards & central controller
  • Scales from 4 to 104 Laser sources per system
  • Installation free, browser based pictograhic GUI
  • Remote control
  • USB & Ethernet connectivity
  • SCPI Style commands

Cobrite MX System all Chassis

Pictographic Web GUI Pictographic GUI


CoBrite MX - Laser source Slide-in card

This card hosts 4 CoBrite laser sources and offers best-in-class density for high channel count testing systems.C and L Band types of lasers allow to flexibly mix and match in the system generate any user configuration.

Key Features

  • Ultra compact; 2 or 4 laser per card
  • Local On/Off switch at each laser port
  • Polarization Maintaining Fiber output
  • SC or FC standard connectivity
  • 3 Laser engines plus many variants available, Support of any combination in a single chassis
  • The industry's most cost effective tunable laser seamleassly covering both C&L band with 186.25 to 196.25THz (1527.604nm to 1609.623nm) seamless tuning range

Mainframe CBMA24

This mainframe is designed for small to medium channel counts and is 13" (345mm)  wide. It can host up to to 6 CoBriteMX4slide-in cards for a maximum of  24 laser light sources.


Mainframe CBMA48

This is the core mainframe for demanding applications as it hosts up to 12 CoBriteMX4 slide-in cards hosting 48 Lasers. Furthermore, it can be extended a CBSL56 mainframe supporting up to 104 tunable laser channels in a single system. It is full 19" (482mm) racksize wide and 3 rack units high.


Mainframe CBSL56

This 19" (482mm) Mainframe can extend systems beyond 48 laser sources and is centrally controlled by a CBM48 mainframe for a maximum of 104 laser light sources in one integrated system.

It can host up to 56 CoBrite laser sources in 14slots is used in combination with CBMA48 allowing centralized control.



Data sheet for CoBrite MX series

Data Sheet


 Please inquire with us for details