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Introducing the CoBrite-DX Tunable Laser Platform

CoBrite-DX hosts one to four CoBrite laser light sources for versatile usage in many applications such as coherent transmitters or local oscillators.

It features simple setup and compactness but still offering high optical fidelity. Three laser variants from cost effective multi-purpose to high end narrow linewidth laser sources are available to match your application and budget. The instrument can cover an application space of 1515nm to 1625nm and up to 18dBm of power using customized variants.

This makes the instrument an ideal choice for demanding coherent applications and advanced modulation formats at high baud rates. It’s competitive price still allows its usage for general purpose applications with lower technical requirements.

Highlights of this instrument are:

  • 1 to 4 Laser Ports - Supports 1 to 4 Laser Ports and and a variety of laser types and custom configurations covering 1525nm to 1611nm (186.0 - 196.65THz) with standard variants or custom options extending to 1515nm to 1625nm (184.49 - 197.88THz)

  • Touch Panel - Intuitive color touch panel display for instant local access to unit

  • Remote Control - Use USB or Ethernet Port to control the instrument via any browser based device without Software installation. Multi-User capability and safety features included

  • Portable - No Host PC required. Half width 19" rack compatible (2HE, half width) chassis with integrated AC power supply

  • Trigger Interfaces - Use SMA based hardware triggers for time sensitive applications

  • Maintenance friendly - User removable fiber connector plate for easy cleaning

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CoBrite DX

CoBrite DX Touch Panel Screenshot

Screenshot of Touch Panel

CoBrite DX Browser Screenshot

Screenshot of Browser based GUI