ID Photonics distributes Lumentum (former Neophotonics) Products in Europe

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Eigenlight In-Line Digital Optical Power Monitors (OPM) and Variable Attenuation Patchcord

Neophotonics EigenlightNeoEigenlightS500Application

Wavelength Management Products

    • Arrayed Waveguide Gratings (AWGs) based Multiplexers (MUXes)

      Neophotonics AWG

  • Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs)

    Neophotonics VOA

Components for Coherent Transmission Applications

    • Micro Integrated Coherent Receivers (uICRs)

      Neophotonics ICR

    • Integrated Coherent Driver Modules (CDMs)

      Neophotonics CDM

    • Micro Integrated Tunable Laser Assemblies (uITLAs)

      Neophotonics uITLA

Please inquire with us for details